Franklin and Broomcorn

I enjoyed this story out yesterday for a lovely new piece of public art, pictured above, and what I sense is the good-natured whimsy of the town of Arcola, Illinois. Arcola is embracing its history as The Broomcorn Capital of the World, and has privately commissioned a statue by Jerry McKenna honoring Benjamin Franklin for …

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Vaccination, Inoculation and BF

A substantial historical review of vaccination and its predecessors, inoculation and variolation, is provided by MedPage with valuable links in the article. Thanks to Bernie Steutz for suggesting it. The article ends with an interesting overview: But above all, it is notable that 300 years ago, the strongest vaccine advocate was a religious fanatic, and …

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Franklin Birthday 2022

With the pandemic continuing, the American Philosophical Society moved their celebrations this year online, in a series of three events. Dr. Franklin’s Virtual Birthday Tour On Thursday, January 13, 2022 APS Museum staff Michael Madeja and Ali Rospond led the online viewers through highlights of the virtual exhibit, Dr. Franklin, Citizen Scientist during this afternoon …

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It Didn’t Sound Like Franklin

It often happens to me that I read a statement attributed to Franklin and get a vague sense that “it doesn’t sound like Franklin.” In one recent case, it became clear why a particular statement didn’t sound like Franklin, and I’d like to share it. This morning, The Hill published this statement: “A system where …

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Exuberance Award

This tribute (link) to Franklin’s birthday from Naperville, Illinois is delightful, as exuberant splash. Congratulations and Happy 315th! The picture above is from our home in Maryland.