Find A Grave: Virtual Cemetery

The website contains 106 million grave records. Within the site, you may have to be logged in with a (freely available) personal user name to see it, but the Franklinians Virtual Cemetery offers a collection of graves associated with Benjamin Franklin, his parents, some associates and his descendants.

The Way to Wealth – Scholarship

American Literature Research and Analysis Web Site Under the direction of Dr. Jim Wohlpart, the students at Florida Gulf Coast University and the University of South Florida in Fort Myers have created the following Web Sites in order to provide substantial research on and analysis of various literary works. These pages provide:      reviews of …

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Way to Wealth, and Alphabetical Quotes has the full contents of an 1814 publication of Franklin’s Way to Wealth online here, readable as text or PDF. has the same pamphlet viewable gloriously here, with the bookplate of the Children’s Book Collection of the Library of UCLA and Elvah Karshner viewable inside the front cover. The alphabetical list of quotes starts on …

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The Way to Wealth

There is a nice article about Franklin’s quotes used in The Way to Wealth at a site called Pick The Brain. The author enumerates 78 proverbs from that essay, divided half as Industry and half as Frugality. The Library Company of Philadelphia has a fine online exhibition that discusses this essay here.