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Watty, Jackson, Anne, Jane, Beverly, Marty, Lee and Phil.

Gallery outing in Washington, April 2012

The Friends of Franklin was formed in 1983 as a 501.c(3) corporation to support the study and appreciation of Benjamin Franklin. We considered ourselves an extension of the wide circle of friends that Mr. Franklin (“Doctor Franklin” to his friends) enjoyed throughout his long life in the 18th Century. For three decades, we published a quarterly newsletter to our paid membership, and sponsored exhibits, trips and publications about Dr. Franklin. In 2013 we published our last Gazette and dissolved the corporation.

Since 2013, this website has been a Franklin-related blog by Martin Mangold, includes the full run of Gazettes published by the Friends as PDF files, and is happily offered to anyone with an interest in our mutual friend.

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May 29, 2018

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May 2023

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