Franklin’s Arrival – 300th Anniversary

This Friday — October 6, 2023 — marks the 300th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin arriving in Philadelphia as a 17-year old from Boston. There are at least three commemorations planned.

The American Philosophical Society is marking the event, starting at 9:00am on the Delaware River waterfront at the Independence Seaport Museum.

One highlight, for me, is the display of the document that confirmed the date, a wonderful, 20th-century story starring Claude-Anne Lopez and overlapping with our correspondence. This article by Valerie-Anne Lutz shows us those jottings online, on the back of a letter Franklin received from Rodolphe-Ferdinand Grand, dated November 29, 1783.

Alex Greenberg is leading a walk across New Jersey as a celebration and a fundraiser for the Eagles Autism Foundation.

The University of Pennsylvania is hosting a celebration and lunch starting from 12:00-2:00 at Perry World House, 3803 Locust Walk.

Wherever you are, you can fully recognize this day by walking around eating a piece of bread (or anything you like). You will find, as Benjamin seemed to discover, that one of the best ways to get comfortable in a new place is to walk around eating something. It certainly worked out for him!

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