Exuberance Award

This tribute (link) to Franklin’s birthday from Naperville, Illinois is delightful, as exuberant splash. Congratulations and Happy 315th! The picture above is from our home in Maryland.

Franklin in Musical Philadelphia

A nice set of articles today, all linked: 1) Herbie Hancock awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal 2) The Franklin Institute’s 8-Bit Digital Franklin and from May, an article by Nancy Gupton on 3) The Musical Talents of Benjamin Franklin which features a recording of the tiresome 4) Quartet attributed to Franklin.  

Birthday Puzzle in the Sand

Can you find the four differences between these two happy-birthday messages? Click on each picture to bring up an expandable version. Here is version #2: Many thanks, and Happy Franklin’s Birthday to Diane Guntzel of Clinton, Iowa!

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Fun thing on his 309th Birthday

I like this take on Franklin’s daily schedule, especially “whisper ‘Time is money’ to a bird.”… Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule Will Make You Feel Worthless Thanks, and Happy Franklin’s Birthday to Ben Mangold of Rockville, Maryland!

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Franklin Numerology for his 308th Birthday

Professor Aziz S.Inan, Ph.D. has provided some amazing numerical transpositions around Dr. Franklin’s upcoming birthday –here is the link – many thanks! He also provided this picture, with the birthday year 308 hidden inside: Here is also Professor Inan’s home page.

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