Franklinia Tree

A nice mention of the home of the Franklinia tree in John Bartram’s Home, though the formal name is not spelled exactly correctly. See Missouri Botanical Garden’s entry.

Benjamin Franklin High School

A friend in Oregon started sending pictures of the fabulous WOODEN statue of Dr. Franklin in front of the newly-renovated Benjamin Franklin High School. It’s a very handsome thing, and I hope to post his pictures here shortly.  

Frankliniana Collection

Hosted and administered by the Phillips Museum of Art at Franklin & Marshall College, the Franklin Artifacts database is a museum without walls; an electronic catalogue of known surviving objects with a close association to Benjamin Franklin. The site is online at  

Historic Prints Available

A half dozen exquisite Franklin prints are available privately. For further information, contact (I am not the seller, but will forward information). The art works include the knuckle, Court of France, Court of Saint James, and some portraits.