From One Statue to Another

Following up on Bumping into Franklin on the West Wing, I found a sweet connection to a dear friend.

The seated statuette is a copy of the James Earle Fraser statue at the headquarters of the Franklin Life Insurance Company, Springfield, Illinois, dedicated in 1949. 

The Sangamon County Historical Society presents the statue on SangamonLink, naming a 5th-great grandaughter from the Castle family, Ann Otway Bird Castle, present at the 1949 unveiling. 

This teenage Ann, then around 18 years old, is none other than our dear departed friend, Ann Castle Boswell, pictured on the cover of Volume 22, #1 in April 2012, and in two pictures below.

From left: Watty Stroud, Jackson Boswell, Ann Boswell, Jane Mangold, Beverly Brandau, Martin Mangold, Lee Knepp, and Philip Krider. Taken April 2012 at The Old Post Office, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.
At the Mangold home, December 2012: Cutter Hughes (in forefront), Philip Krider, Mary Shepherd Hughes, Ann Boswell, Beverly Brandau, Marty Mangold (at piano), and another friend. On the left is an original painting, gift of Deane Sherman, that includes the Old Post Office. On the right is the original portrait of Francis Folger Franklin, descended in the Franklin family to Ann Otway Bird Castle Boswell.

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