Keep Thy Shop

Keep Thy Shop, a stained glass panel installed in my library/office October 2022 in honor of Benjamin Franklin’s career as a printer. Images edited and screen printed from J. G. Chapman’s engravings for Rev. H. Hastings Weld’s 1849 edition of BF’s Autobiography, texts from Poor Richard, including “Keep thy Shop, & thy Shop will keep thee,” “When you’re an Anvil, hold you still; when you’re a Hammer, strike your Fill,” and “Old Boys have their Playthings as well as young Ones; the difference is only in the Price” along with “I went on swimmingly.” from the Autobiography itself. Texts in Franklin’s Caslon font digitized by P22 in collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Keep Thy Shop, by Martin Mangold

Video Introduction

This video is a five-minute discussion of the window: uploaded October 2023.

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