Birthday Celebration 2021

The 2021 Benjamin Franklin Birthday Celebration on January 15 included fascinating and timely talks on the theme: The Disintegration of Trust: Restoring Confidence in American Institutions. The 2-hour event is now available to  watch free on the 2021 Celebration website

Time stamps throughout the recording allows viewers to watch individual speakers:

  • Kathleen Hall Jamieson – “The Role of the Press, the Courts and Individuals in Making Real the Promises of Democracy”
  • Margaret Levi – “Restoring Confidence in Government”
  • Kenneth Frazier – “Restoring Confidence in Corporations”
  • Paul Offit – “Restoring Confidence in Vaccines and Medicine”

The 2022 theme has been announced: The Future of Food.
Please visit our website later this year for more information about the 2022 Franklin Birthday Celebration, The Future of Food.