Franklin Statues Video

Frank Romano has given me seven minutes of dense happiness by this breezy collection of Franklin tributes. Thanks! Frank Romano Video See Also Original Story on WhatTheyThink, published July 10, 2020. Museum of Printing in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Epidemics in Colonial America

I recently read Epidemics in Colonial America by John Duffy. Among my disappointments with this old book are that he missed the best story of Benjamin Franklin around the issue of the circulation of air. This story at captures it quite well.

Stained Glass – Franklin and Bamboo

A few years ago I purchased a stained glass window through an online auction because it featured a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. The exact history of this window is unknown to me, including where it was initially installed, but it’s been part of our home, and now hangs in the formal corner of our home’s …

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Temple’s Handwriting

There is a lovely manuscript letter written by William Temple Franklin coming up for auction (March 26, 2020, in Malaga, Spain). The image captures his fabulous handwriting. On December 30, 1778, WTF wrote to Monsieur Ruault, Librarian, stating `I beg you, Monsieur Ruault, to send to Passy, tomorrow, 2 copies of my Grandfather’s works. The …

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Franklin and Slavery

To the co-namesake of my son, Benjamin Thomas…. Dear Tom, You asked me online quite a while ago about Franklin and slavery. It’s true, he owned slaves for a while, even though later he joined (and was president of) our first society to abolish African slavery in America. It’s a tough issue for Franklinians, like …

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