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  • Volume 3, Number 1, Winter, 1992:
    Claude-Anne Lopez, “Franklin at Yale: Keep Bright the Chain” (regarding a teapot),
    “Sound Sense” by William G. Carr on Franklin, Massachusetts.
    Claude-Anne Lopez, “On the Trail of the Last Franklin: 3. Surprise at Sea.”
    Max Hall, “Franklin the Grammar-School Drop-Out.”
  • Volume 3, Number 2, Spring, 1992:
    Tour to Perth AMboy, NJ.
    NEH Grant to the Papers.
    Max Hall, “Franklin the Grammar-School Drop-Out…: II. Relations with Harvard”
    Deane Sherman and William Carr: “Franklin Without A Mask”.
    Dick Hoefnagel, “The Difference One Little Word Can Make; A Misreading in Poor Richard, 1747.
    Claude-Anne Lopez, “On the Trail of the Last Franklin: 4. The Go-Between.”
  • Volume 3, Number 3
  • Volume 3, Number 4
  • Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 2001
    President’s Message by Ralph Gregory Elliot: Franklin and Lincoln
    Franklin Rods, by Kate Ohno
    Claude-Anne Lopez, “From Warm to Very Warm to Icy to So-So: The Story of a Friendship: Benjamin Franklin and William Strahan: Part I: Introductions”
    BF and David Hume, by Mark G. Spenser
    Franklin Essay Contest Winners
    Joint Meeting of the FoF Board with the Friends of the Franklin Papers at Yale (picture)
    Book: BF and the Magic Squares by Frank Murphy
    FoF Trip to Brussels, Bruges… and, of course, Amsterdam
    Welcome to our New Life Member, E. Cutter Hughes, Jr.
    FoF Membership Medallion (picture)
    Featured Friend: Phil W. Greenslet
  • Volume 11, Number 2:
    L. David Roper, “Proposal to Use BF’s Y-Chromosome to Settle Some Family Traditions about Relationships to Benjamin.”
    William A. Betts, “The Brief Return of Dr. Benjamin Franklin.” [fiction on the ephemera].
    Claude-Anne Lopez, “From Warm to Very Warm to Icy to So-So: The Story of a Friendship: Benjamin Franklin and William Strahan: Part II: Books Across the Sea.”
    Pamela Hartsock, Ph.D.!
  • Volume 11, Number 3, Fall, 2001:
    Franklin and Blackbeard.
    Claude-Anne Lopez, “From Warm to Very Warm to Icy to So-So: The Story of a Friendship: Benjamin Franklin and William Strahan: Part III: Matchmaking?” and
    “In His Own Words: Young Franklin on Partisanship and Good Government”.
    Sheldon S. Cohen: “Griffith Williams: Friend to BF and Friend to American Liberty”.
    “Franklin in Japan – Comes to Philadelphia!”.
    L. David Roper: “More on Y-Chromosomes”
  • Volume 11, Number 4, Winter, 2001:
    Advertisement, BF’s Three-WHeeled Clock.”
    Elizbeth Ihrig, “The Bakken’s Glass Armonica” [Minneapolis, MN: In 2018, I find only this exhibit].
  • Volume 16, Number 1
  • Volume 16, Number 2
  • Volume 16, Number 3
  • Volume 16, Number 4, Winter 2006
    Message from President Roy E. Goodman: Fuel costs.
    Franklin Abroad by Heather Crease
    Celebrating Franklin’s 300th Birthday at the 2006 International IEEE EMC Symposium and Trivia Questions by Aziz S. Inan – I believe these are Professor Inan’s first contribution to the Gazette: after this, his math puzzlers appear in almost every issue.
    Graves of William Franklin and William Temple Franklin, by L. David Roper (with photos). See also our current article.
    An excerpt from Franklin in Love, A Play by Patrick Hugeuenin
    In his own words: The Elysian Fields
    London-Paris pilgrimage, October 2006.
    The wreck of the Bonhomme Richard, page 8.
  • Volume 18, Number 1
  • Volume 18, Number 2
  • Volume 18, Number 3, Fall 2008
    Lancaster discussion, in President’s Message by Roy E. Goodman
    A Message from Eleanor Gesensway, New FOF Board Member
    Thomas Barclay letter, January 18, 1782
    Consul Thomas Barclay working for/with BF, by Priscilla H. and Richard S. Roberts
    American Women and Enlightenment Science, by Susan Branson
    Jim Srodes on Franklin’s wealth (p. 2-3).
    The Glass Harmonica: A Novel, by Louise Marley (p.3).
    Franklin’s accounts online, Paul Pasles on BF’s Numbers (p. 10)
  • Volume 18, Number 4, Winter 2008
    The Apostle of Liberty Immortalized, 1790 image.
    Franklin and Money symposium coming April 17, 2009.
    LeMay volume 3, Alan Houston BF and the Politics of Improvement.
    In Memoriam: J. A. Leo Lemay
    In Memoriam: Whitfield J. Bell, Jr.
    BF in Auray, December, 1776, by Genevieve Hamon
    “More Money to be Borrowed” — BF and Robert R. Livingston Correspondence, September 1783.
    What was it like working for/with BF? Part II by Priscila H. Roberts and Richard S. Roberts
    Papers, Volume 39 released.
    Carla Mulford, The Cambridge Companion to BF.
    Edwin Wolf Legacy Library online at
    Franklin’s Passport for British Ships
  • Volume 19, Number 1, Spring 2009
    Charles Darwin. J. A. Leo Lemay appreciation by James Srodes.
    The American Swindler Thomas Digges by John Walburn
    2009 Celebration (picture includes the late John C. Bogle), theme “BF Goes to Wall Street”
    The Philadelphia Contributorship: BF’s Insurance Office
    Perfect Square Dates by Aziz S. Inan, Ph.D.
    Michael Pollan and BF on food systems
    The Gulf Stream Revisited by John Buchanan
    In Memoriam: Benjamin Franklin Reinauer, II
    Hudson Valley Trip coming in October.
  • Volume 19, Number 2, Summer 2009
    Franklin, Agriculture and the Physiocrats, by Kate Mearns Ohno
    Craven Street event in Washington, DC (photo)
    Franklin and Mortgages, Part I, by Robert E. Wright
    BF, Creditor
    The Papers of Benjamin Franklin: Meet the People, by Kate Mearns Ohno
    CD from 2009 symposium.
  • Volume 19, Number 3, Fall 2009
    From President Roy E. Goodman:
    In Memoriam: Frank B. Jones
    Franklin in Literature – Past and Present, by Eleanor Gesensway
    The Friends of Franklin visit Albany, September-October 2009
    Champlost: Estate of the Fox Family and Repository for Franklin’s Papers, by Valerie-Anne Lutz van Ammers, APS.
    Franklin and Mortgages, Part II. by Robert E. Wright
    Graphic: Sheriff’s Sales Advertisements…1760-69.
    In His Own Words: How to Make Wine (“make advantage of the blessings of providence”)
  • Volume 19, Number 4, Winter 2009-2010
    BF Birthday celebrations with Gen. Eisenhower, p. 3
    BF and the Hudson Valley: Part I, Summer, 1754 by Kate Mearns Ohno (with Snake cartoon)
    Upcoming Scotland Trip, p. 6, 8.
    Short Hints, p.7
    Early American Studies on The Atlantic World of Print, p. 9
    In Memoriam: James Gassaway.
  • Volume 20, Number 1, Spring 2010
    Ben Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Initiative, p. 1 (President: Roy E. Goodman)
    Franklin’s Climate Change Video
    BF and the Hudson Valley: Part II, Late Winter, 1776 by Kate Mearns Ohno
    BF: Breastfeeding Advocate? by Karen Poppy
    National Archives Photostream on Flikr, p. 9
  • Volume 20, Number 2, Summer 2010
    President: Lee Knepp.
    J.A. Leo LeMay (1935-2008), A Remembrance by Kevin J. Hayes
    Franklin Family Descendants: A Collateral Line: The Williams/Alexander Family
    Palindrome Dates in BF’s Life, by Aziz S. Inan
    BF and the Hudson Valley: Part III, Spring, 1776 by Kate Ohno
    Franklin in Scotland, 1771, by Kate Ohno
  • Volume 20, Number 3, Fall 2010
    A Renaissance for the Glass Armonica? by Charlotte and Bob Craig
    The FoF Visit Scotland…2010 by Elly Fitzig
    BF as an Editor
    BF and the Hudson Valley: Part IV, by Kate Ohno.
    Patience Wright: by Eleanor Gesensway
    LeMay legacy: Documentary History site, LL’s books.
  • Volume 20, Number 4, Winter 2010/2011
    The Influence of Franklin’s Autobiography on Judaism, by Shai Afsai
    The History of the Friends of Franklin, by Martin Mangold
    Franklin’s Descendants: BF Bache’s Resolutions, 9/29/1789.
    Words of Learning in the Age of Franklin: Part I, by John Pollack (from the Tercentenary).
    1841 Verses to Celebrate Franklin’s Birthday, by James Montgomery
    In Memoriam: Max Hall
  • Volume 21, Number 1, Spring 2011
    BF and the Pennsylvania Germans
    Descendants Visit: Ted & Sharon Molin, Lisa & Daniel Bache, Ralph Archbold
    Sugar Independence (Richard Price, Archibald Redford).
    Good Education Part II by John Pollack
    Following in His Great-Grandfather’s Footsteps: The Remarkable Career of Brigadier General Hartman Bache by Andrew A. Zellers-Frederick, Executive Director of The Woodlands.
    In Memoriam: William D. “Bill” Anderson of Wichita.
  • Volume 21, Number 2, Summer 2011
    The Development of the Postal Service, by Bob and Charlotte Craig
    Franklin and Christ Church of Philadelphia.
    Dear Doctor Franklin by Stuart Green available.
    Worlds of Learning Part III by John Pollack
    Union Fire Company marker dedicated
    BF on the possible defeat of the USA, 1784.
    Smithville, NJ (Hezekiah B. Smith) by Eleanor Gesensway
    More 17s by Aziz S. Inan
    BF and his Canary Island History, by Carlos Cologan Soriano.
    Franklin tooth at APS.
    The Blackwell Companion to BF by David Waldstreicher
    The Political Trial of BF by Kenneth Lawing Penegar
  • Volume 21, Number 3, Fall 2011
    BF In Search of a Better World visit upcoming.
    No more Raping and Pillaging from Yale Alumni Magazine
    Franklin Abroad
    BF and the Bennsylvania Germans tour, by Jean K. Wolf (September tour)
    Worlds of Learning, part IV, by John Pollack
    Franklin Court Renovations underway
    275th Anniversary of the Union Fire Company
    Papers Volume 40 released.
  • Volume 21, Number 4, Winter 2011/2012
    Passing of Frank H. Batchelor
    Celebration 2012!
    Past Celebrations
    BF’s Religion by Louis C. Washburn, Rector of Old Christ Church
    Le Veillard to William Temple Franklin, 7/27/1785
    In Montreal: Franklin and the Revolutionary Wife [Jane Hughes], by Bruno Paul Stenson
    Christopher Lowell website.
  • Volume 22, Number 1, Fall 2012
    Musings: Catherine The Great and Benjamin Franklin, by Eleanor Gesensway
    April 2012 Weekend in Washington, D.C. by Martin Mangold
    The “Phylosephy” of Crown Soap, by Julie Hegner
    Emma Thompson letters of 1777
    Math Puzzlers by Aziz S. Inan
  • Volume 22, Number 2, Winter 2012-2013
    Final Issue
    Ellen Cohn, “In Memoriam: Claude-Anne Lopez (1920-2012)
    Franklin’s Stove, by Alysia Cain
    A Message from the Board of the Friends of Franklin