Franklin in Musical Philadelphia

A nice set of articles today, all linked: 1) Herbie Hancock awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal 2) The Franklin Institute’s 8-Bit Digital Franklin and from May, an article by Nancy Gupton on 3) The Musical Talents of Benjamin Franklin which features a recording of the tiresome 4) Quartet attributed to Franklin.  

Birthday Puzzle in the Sand

Can you find the four differences between these two happy-birthday messages? Click on each picture to bring up an expandable version. Here is version #2: Many thanks, and Happy Franklin’s Birthday to Diane Guntzel of Clinton, Iowa!

Fun thing on his 309th Birthday

I like this take on Franklin’s daily schedule, especially “whisper ‘Time is money’ to a bird.”… Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule Will Make You Feel Worthless Thanks, and Happy Franklin’s Birthday to Ben Mangold of Rockville, Maryland!