Adding Follow-This-Blog Capability

I am in the early stages of adding the ability to register to receive an email when a new posting is placed on this website. If you would like to participate in the testing of this feature, please sign up on the toolbar to the right, and/or email me directly at Thank you.  

The Way to Wealth

  I want to start collecting interesting resources on the preface to the final Poor Richard’s Almanack, also known as The Way to Wealth. From The Papers. The Way to Wealth around the World: Benjamin Franklin and the Globalization of American Capitalism, by Sophus Reinert (2015)

Bumping Into Benjamin Franklin on The West Wing

I am slowly binge-watching episodes of West Wing and notice in Season 6, Episode 20, “In God We Trust” that Franklin shows up in the decorations of people in both parties. It’s a nice compliment that the set designers imagine both these classy characters would want Franklin’s image nearby. The Senate office of Republican Senator …

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