Artices Wanted!

This list describes things we have discussed as desired subjects to expand on here. They could be categories in our current structure, and/or the subject of separate pages in something yet to evolve.

The question marks refer to notes I made in conversation that I no longer fully understand.

Certainly, describing any existing web resources related to Franklin that struck you as interesting are welcome posts.

If you would care to add a few paragraphs (or a few pages) with text, perhaps links to other web resources, please see our How to Contribute page. Thank you!

  • Alphabet – Franklin’s alphabet.
  • Artifacts
  • Art Work depicting Franklin – example, in the Mount Vernon Reading Room, in the U.S. Capitol, in your neighborhood. Very good for local treasure hunts.
  • Authors: how to group, to collect? Mister Short (the Way to Wealth 1841).
  • Author George Boudreau
  • Beer – Poor Richard’s Ale, “Beer is proof”, the Tate Farm (?). Beers named after BF.
  • Book Arts: Peter Koch, Printer, married to Susan Filter.
  • Books: recommendations of books, lists of books already in existence, books recently discovered….
  • – there has to be some amazing archival material there.
  • Classroom Activities (q.v. Teaching, Tercentenary)
  • Climate
  • Community Activists (?)
  • Descendants: any public resources, what information is public? Maybe the right policy is that we stay with self-proclaimed descendants. Add to the Descendants category.
  • Dinner party suggestions for celebrating Franklin
  • Drinker’s Dictionary
  • Family Members: his immediate family. Categorize with the Descendants category.
  • Farming – Temple’s Farm, the plastering experiment
  • Franklin Corner (?)
  • Furniture: database of Franklin-related furniture at Franklin and Marshall College.
  • Gardening: Andrea Wulf’s writings, etc.
  • Grave sites
  • Gulf Stream: Franklin’s chart.
  • Huntington Library: John Adam, Washington State.
  • Images
  • Insurance: my painting of BF as “The Father of Mutual Insurance.” Re-insurance fellow.
  • Kickstart activities: Tom is filmmaker, wife Grace Lee.
  • Languages – Franklin’s interest in languages.
  • Languages – Franklin materials available in other languages.
  • LeMay, Leo: tribute to Leo LeMay, his papers at Washington College, Chestertown, MD.
  • Libraries: founded by or named after Franklin, with Franklin resources (imagine: finding Franklin information off-line near you. Q: Why would a website be concerned with off-line resources? A: field trips!).
  • Minimum wage – Freakonomics
  • Misconceptions about Franklin
  • Money – Franklin’s financial life.
  • Morgan, Edmund: tribute. Obituary in Washington Post by Matt Schuldel, July 11, 2013.
  • Mount Vernon: in the Washington Post article 9/27/2013, an article about Mount Vernon includes a picture of Douglas Bradburn, director, with a bust of BF in the reading room with Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.
  • Nantucket: the Historical Society, the Folger letter at the Folger Shakespeare Library.
  • News Capture: the News Feed contains many items that will disappear, though they contain information that would be fun to preserve. For example, the names of reenactors active at particular places and times.
  • Newspapers: published or co-published by Franklin….
  • Passy – Franklinian things to see around the Passy neighborhood. Imagine a bright American posted there, a bit isolated, with energy and time on his hands….
  • Pennsylvania Gazette
  • Pets — pets of the Franklin family.
  • Pets – pets named in honor of Franklin (a bit self-serving, I’ll grant you that).
  • Places – there are Franklin items all over the world, famous and obscure. Named after Franklin, places he visited (where was the “soaking shower”?), places mentioned by Franklin authors.
  • Prelinger Archives – finding Franklin in their holdings.
  • Proverbs
  • Quotes – quotes attributed to Franklin that he did NOT say, or did not exactly say.
  • Re-enactors: Ralph Archbold, Ward, Robeling, Jack Sherry of Peekskill. There are news items naming re-enactors all the time.
  • Teaching hints – all school levels: what works for you as a teacher? Field trips, class plans, lesson plans, assignments. See the Tercenterary website…
  • TED Talks
  • Tercentenary Website: lesson plans.
  • WayBack Machine: Brewster Kahle.
  • Wine – Franklin’s collection at Passy.

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