Bethlehem, PA: Sun Inn

The list of famous guests who visited the Historic Sun Inn in Bethlehem in the 18th century reads like a “Who’s Who” of the American Revolution — George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and Ethan Allen. Read more: here

Bayonne, NJ: A Bache Home

Bayonne’s Mansion Uncovers Historic Roots: Former Home to Benjamin Franklin’s Great Grandson, Reverend Richard Bache Duane BAYONNE, N.J., May 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ The strikingly grandiose 6,000 square foot mansion, situated at 105 West 8th St., is one of Hudson County’s undiscovered historic landmarks. Built in 1875, the property was home to Rev. Richard Bache Duane …

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Historic Prints Available

A half dozen exquisite Franklin prints are available privately. For further information, contact (I am not the seller, but will forward information). The art works include the knuckle, Court of France, Court of Saint James, and some portraits.